Smith van Lin

Driven by a cause that's greater than ourselves

“Mindful that during this century millions of children, women and men have been victims of unimaginable atrocities that deeply shock the conscience of humanity.”

Rome Statute, ICC

Lorraine Smith van Lin

Lorraine is a consultant, trainer, advocate and speaker advocating for just laws, policies and systems for victims of crime and working to end violence against women. Lorraine’s vision is a world in which the rights of victims, survivors and women are fully respected and enforced.


As an international human rights lawyer, my passion is to advocate for the rights of women, children and victims of crime. I have over two decades of professional experience in multiple roles as a former Prosecutor and Resident Magistrate in the Jamaican Courts, Director of the International Bar Association’s International Criminal Court Programme, Senior Legal Adviser with REDRESS, and consultant with international organizations. My expertise has taken me from the courtroom to the field. I have written reports and spoken in conferences, provided legal analysis and advice and managed projects.

Much of my international experience has been focused on the work of the ICC, and its innovative Rome Statute which grants victims participatory rights and reparations. I have moved beyond the Hague to directly engage with victims, survivor communities, human rights defenders and advocates in Uganda, Kenya and other conflict zones which deepened my commitment to victims and their issues. In the process, I gained significant experience organising victims’ forums, field-based programmes with grass-roots organisations and small NGO’s in the Global South.

Tallawah Justice

In March 2021, I founded Tallawah Justice for Women, a non-profit organization that connects, equips and amplifies the voices of women survivors and leaders from grassroots and community organizations in the Global South.

Criminal Justice
More than a decade of criminal justice experience (former Senior Prosecutor and Magistrate)
Justice Reform
Experienced in criminal justice reform processes (part of Jamaican justice system reform expert group).
International Criminal Law
Specialist in International Criminal Law and the work of the ICC
Lectured and tutored international criminal law at the Hague University
Victim Rights & Reparations
Direct experience working with victims and survivor groups in transitional justice contexts
Sexual & Gender-Based Violence
Specific experience working on this issue in diverse contexts including in Jamaica, Uganda, Kenya and Somalia
Expert Speaker
Extensive expert speaking engagements (international panels, workshops, conferences, webinars, podcasts)
Research & Writing
In-depth international and comparative legal research and writing, for diverse audiences and stakeholders